Well worth a re-watch ahead of seeing Dawn later this week. I had forgotten some of the finer details of the plot, and definitely feel primed for the sequel now. On the whole Rise stands up very well, however there are a few weak elements, most noticeably Tom Felton’s performance and David Oyelowo’s frustratingly underwritten company stooge – in fact all the “villains” in the film are rather one-note and cartoonish, certainly when compared to how fully the apes are fleshed out. The effects and performance capture however still impress, as does Wyatt’s direction and the film’s slow build to a thrilling, yet plausible climax. It’s really Andy Serkis’ show all the way, bringing real soul, nuance and passion to the role of Caesar. Hoping Matt Reeves has managed to build on the great work done here and turn this reboot into a worthy series of films in its own right.