48 Hrs.
A film I watched repeatedly as an impressionable youngster, it has been easily more than a decade since I last watched Walter Hill’s trend-setting buddy actioner. My immediate reaction? Still awesome. My second reaction? Dear lord, is Nick Nolte’s character racist! I understand that he is supposed to be playing a grizzled, prickly cop, but some of the racial slurs he flings at Eddie Murphy’s con in this movie are disgraceful, not least because he wants the guy’s help. It’s hard to believe Reggie Hammond (Murphy) didn’t murder him in his sleep first chance he got, rather than slowly discover a begrudging mutual respect. That aside, the film was a fantastic platform to launch Murphy’s career, James Remar plays a deliciously evil bad guy and James Horner’s sax-fuelled score remains sleazy and sexy all at once. Still a cool movie, but I was clearly watching the BBC “melon farmers” cut for years.