I caught Rian Johnson’s much-loved indie time-travel thriller when it opened here in Hong Kong, but I had only just landed after a mammoth 48-hour trek from Texas to London and back to Asia. The film’s measured pacing did not lend itself well to the very jetlagged and I snoozed through a sizable percentage of its running time. I was unsurprisingly underwhelmed, but knew the film deserved a second chance. And it is far better when you stay awake through it. I’m still not entirely sold on the idea of having JGL wear make-up to look more like Bruce Willis, nor convinced that his pefromance is all that strong. I also think that the film could stand to lose about 20 minutes off to keep things lean. All that said, this is a commendable effort to shake up the sci-fi actioner, be smart without feeling compelled to dissect the intricacies of its universe, and deliver something that feels fresh, daring and different.