Movie 43
The recent trend of holiday-themed ensemble movies takes a sharp left turn into gross-out comedy territory in this sketch-based mess that sees all number of familiar faces play fiercely against type in the hope of getting a few cheap laughs. While it does produce a few laughs, vignettes featuring Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman on a blind date and Richard Gere as a Steve Jobs-type are funny, this quickly descends into desperate attempts to offend and revile purely for the sake of it. This is clearly a quick paycheck for all concerned, and I just hope they use the cash to fund that indie pet project they’ve been nurturing for years, as everyone on screen is merely phoning it in. However, if masturbating cartoon cats, period jokes and frequent casual racism are your bag, then this is most definitely for you. But take note, all the best jokes are in the trailer and this makes a strong claim for worst film of the year.