Lost in Thailand
Xu Zheng writes, produces, directs and stars as Xu Lang, a scientist making a desperate dash to Thailand in order to track down his boss and secure the exclusive rights for a new super fuel he has invented. On his trail is a rival co-worker (Huang Bo), hoping to secure the rights for himself, and when Xu inadvertently loses his map, he is forced to team up with a dimwitted tourist (Bao Wangqiang) who knows the way. Lost in Thailand is now the highest grossing Chinese language film of all time at the domestic box office, but it is unlikely to repeat the same success overseas. Besides the A-list cast being largely unknown to Western audiences, the comedy style is incredibly broad, while also being wholly Chinese. In addition, the plot feels dated, unimaginative and overly reliant on cliche and contrivance to tell its simple, yet ridiculous story.

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