The second part of Jay Oliva’s animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s landmark comic continues on apace, introducing a number of familiar characters from the DC Universe, including The Joker, Superman and The Green Arrow. When Joker (voiced here by Michael Emerson from Lost) is foolishly given the chance to go on a TV talk show as part of his rehabilitation, he wastes no time in returning to his old ways of mass murder and creating general havoc on the streets of Gotham. Meanwhile the Cold War is about to heat up in a Bay of Pigs style stand off over some Caribbean islands, and the President calls upon the Man of Steel himself to track down the Batman and put an end to his vigilantism once and for all.

Again the echoes of Nolan’s trilogy can be found throughout this piece of work, but it still manages to entertain more than many of the other recent animated comic book adaptations. Peter Weller in particular does a great job as Batman, and his legacy as Robocop takes on an extra layer of poignancy in the film’s later moments, when Bruce Wayne is forced to don a mechanised Batsuit.