I first came to this film during my university days, in the wake of John Boorman’s Deliverance – a film I love to this day. I knew Walter Hill from 48hrs, Red Heat and Alien – basically everything except The Warriors – and Southern Comfort happily joins that roster of excellent tough action thrillers. Seeing it again on Blu-ray was a real treat, enhancing the eerily beautiful Louisiana bayou while giving Ry Cooder’s dreamy score the treatment it deserves. Joe Carnahan clearly had this film in mind when making The Grey, an equally impressive tale of men battling the elements and each other. Hill famously distanced himself from claims that the film was an allegory for the Vietnam War, but he will likely never be able to shake that particular label, especially as it only serves to raise the profile and importance of an already impressive piece of work that unflinchingly dissects the male psyche and America’s military arrogance.