a case of eggs
Set in South Korea, this short film is the story of Ji-hye, a beautiful woman whose job as a translator dominates her life. When her 30th birthday comes round and she has yet to lose her virginity, Ji-hye swears to have sex as soon as possible. Her new client, a flirtatious Japanese photographer who hits on almost every woman he meets, seems the perfect candidate – but does he even notice she exists as anything other than a mouthpiece to help him get laid?

The sharp, witty and script and likable performances are key to the success of this short. We sympathise with Ji-hye, rather than get frustrated by her situation, and despite the photogrpaher’s behaviour, he still comes across positively and the audience roots for them to get together. There are a number of amusing scenes in which Ji-hye must assist Tengen as he flirts and even goes on dates with other women, but also a sweetness and poetry to the staging of the piece.