El Shuriken
“Deru-cine” is a special filmmaking project helmed by writer Goto Hirohito, which discards the traditional notion of audiences watching films (“miru cinema”), in favour of appearing in the film themselves (“deru cinema”). Goto and his crew grab members of the public on the day of the screening and use them as extras (zombie hordes etc), which are then inserted into the main narrative. The process is repeated each day the film is screened, meaning the film itself evolves each time, depending on the audience that has assembled to watch it.

The plot of El Shuriken vs. Evil Intention follows the eponymous masked luchador as he teams up with a sexy gun-toting agent (Inagaki Saki) to avenge the death of her boss and stop a deranged scientist from taking over the world. It’s all incredibly ridiculous, and filmed on a micro-budget, but for most of its 40-minute running time, Goto keeps things exciting and fun, while engaging his audience in a way rarely experienced. By its very nature, this isn’t a film likely to travel much, but it embraces the festival spirit enthusiastically, while highlighting a new take on audience participation.