No sooner had I got off the plane from Japan, it was time to dive right back into HKIFF. And what better way to do it than with this fantastic Danish drama from Tobias Lindholm. Mirroring numerous real-life stories filling the news in recent years, the film tells of the ordeal that befalls a Danish cargo ship in the Indian Ocean when it is boarded by Somali pirates. While the crew is forced to live in increasingly horrendous conditions in permanent fear for their lives, their superiors back in Copenhagen begin lengthy negotiations to retrieve their ship, cargo and crew. Eschewing action thrills (we do not see the initial attack at all) for a more complex human drama, Lindholm expertly depicts the moment-by-moment terror experienced by crew, juxtaposed by the bullheaded negotiations from their employers’ top management. Soren Malling is particularly good as CEO Peter Ludvigsen, who brokers multi-million dollar deals every day and refuses to bend to the whims of a group of bandits, a decision that puts him at odds with his colleagies, employees and their increasingly distraught families.