While part of me wishes this film had been bad just so I could say that the title says all you need to know about the film, the truth is that Todd Berger’s indie comedy is actually rather good. Julia Stiles and David Cross head up the cast of smug middle class couples who congregate for a Sunday brunch, only for the End of the World to infringe on their plans. While not particularly laugh-out-loud funny, the film works because of a number of well written character moments between this rogues gallery of generally awful, self-centred people. Needless to say, while life as most of us know it is battling to survive outdoors, these four couples are more concerned with their own petty rivalries, infidelities and secrets. Berger keeps things light and playful, knows when to expose his characters as ugly, and when to pull them close enough for the audience not to outright hate them – and by extension the movie – and peppers his script with plenty of genuinely funny moments.