A serious contender for worst film of the year. Robert De Niro plays the despicable patriarch of an estranged family, who must come together despite their myriad petty feuds to celebrate the wedding of their adopted son Alejandro (Ben Barnes). The parents of his bride-to-be (Amanda Seyfried) are somewhat against the union due to their lingering racist tendancies, while Aljandro’s Columbian birth mother is a devout Catholic and as a result, De Niro and his divorced wife of a good decade, played by Diane Keaton, must pretend they are still together. All this despite the fact father has been living quite happily with new partner Susan Sarandon for some years now.

However, the mind-numbing contrivances of the plot are not the film’s biggest problem, rather the detestable nature of all concerned, and the baffling notion that is incessantly hammered home, that infidelity, polygamy, promiscuity and general sexual deviance is all absolutely fine, so long as you follow your heart and don’t let society tell you how to behave. While I am no prude, the flippancy with which this film handles its code of ethics had me flummoxed. I did laugh once – at an actualy joke in the actual script – for which I feel somewhat ashamed, but beyond that this was a baffling, painful and detestable experience from beginning to end.