Lamberto Bava directs this ridiculous 80s giallo splatterfest, from a script co-written with Dario Argento. Two college girls in Berlin accept an invitation to a mysterious film screening, only for the audience to begin turning into zombie demons, just as is happening to those onscreen. That’s pretty much it plotwise. There’s lots of running down corridors, crawling through air vents, and coming to sticky ends at the hands of the firey-eyed demons, but this is not a film led by its plot. Here, the kicks come from the practical effects, ridiculous performances and cranked heavy metal soundtrack, which boasts such dubious luminaries as Billy Idol and Saxon. I know the film has its fans, but frankly I was less than impressed, feeling like I’m arriving at an already weak joke almost 30 years too late. I can see where there is fun to be had, and it certainly isn’t a painful watch, but I doubt Demons is a film I’ll be returning to in a hurry.