I jumped at the chance to finally strike what is arguably Antonioni’s most famous film off my List of Shame, only to find the 2.5hr experience incredibly tedious. Sure, the film is beautifully shot and the performances are well executed. The story line of a missing fiancee and the relationship that develops betweeen her lover and best friend also had plenty of promise and intrigue, but Antonioni’s pacing, coupled with the amoral, annoying characters nearly drove me to insanity. While she may look gorgeous, Monica Vitti’s Claudia is so needy, insecure and paranoid she embodies everything that is infuriating about women in general. Gabriele Ferzetti, on the other hand, is such a flagrant predatory tart that you can’t possibly empathise with him for a moment. Ultimately we side with the missing Anna (Lea Massari) – and wish we too could escape this insufferable pair forever!