demons 2
I recently picked up Arrow Video’s double pack of Lamberto Bava’s Demons, which also included the sequel. I had not seen either film before, but this second entry seemed to be resoundingly dismissed as weaker in almost every respect. Perhaps it was because my expectations were so low for this that I actually ended up enjoying it just as much as the first one. Many of the cast return, albeit playing different characters, and they are all just as irritating and poorly written as before, but they still make for worthy demon fodder. Transplanting the action from a cinema to an apartment building, a similar movie is playing on TV, and all those transfixed by it are turned into rabid monsters. The main targets of their terror are a house party of overzealous/neurotic teens, and a gym full of hilariously-attired iron-pumpers, almost all of whom meet grisly ends. The practical effects are reassuringly icky, while the soundtrack this time includes the likes of The Cult and The Smiths, but again, this is an amusing distraction rather than any kind of genre classic.