Taking its lead from the phenomenally successful Fast Five, Furious 6 ploughs forward at law-breaking speed in the franchise’s newfound action movie guise. Gone are the car chases, save for a ridiculously traffic-free whizz round central London, and instead, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and their gang have become crack special ops agents, lured out of hiding by Dwayne Johnson’s Interpol cop, to catch a dastardly British supervillain (Luke Evans). The team reassembles and proceeds to cause mayhem and carnage on a major scale wherever they go, with an increasing disregard for the law, physics or plausibility. But does the audience care? Good lord no.

The stunt-work here is some of the most jaw-droppingly ridiculous imaginable – no small feat in this age of digitally enhanced everything. For the most part, what is up there on screen appears to be actually happening, and franchise captain Justin Lin does a superb job of keeping the film whipping along in top gear, barely giving the audience or his characters a moment to catch their breath, let alone process the audacious absurdity of everything that’s going on. Once the dust settles, is it all utterly ridiculous? Absolutely – but it doesn’t change the fact that while strapped in – Furious 6 is insanely entertaining.