I managed to miss this at a couple of different festivals last year, before finally catching up with it this week on iTunes. The feature debut from Eron Sheean stars Michael Eklund as Geoff, a troubled geneticist called to Dresden to help a team of research students. There he discovers old flame and former student Rebekka (Karoline Herfurth), but Geoff is carrying a fair amount of personal baggage with him. What he discovers not only tears open old wounds, but create plenty of fresh ones when he becomes infected by the very virus the team was attempting to cure. Falling somewhere between Ken Russell’s Altered States and David Cronenberg’s canon of body horror there is plenty about the film that impresses, even if it does build to a relatively anticlimactic denouement. Some have said it should have ended earlier, and while I can identify exactly what and where they mean, I was primed for another 15-20 mins when the film ended.