LEGO Batman
As much as anything I selected this title purely for some brainless, Sunday afternoon fun. I understand that it basically lifts its storyline from a recent computer game – Lex Luthor and The Joker team up to wreak havoc on Gotham City with the aid of a huge gun powered by kryptonite. Batman reluctantly joins forces with Superman in order to restore the balance, and along the way many of Batman’s rogues’ gallery of enemies make an appearance, as do a good number of the Justice League.

The animation style plays heavily into the LEGO aesthetic, which gives everything an undeniably cute appearance. Many elements, from the Batmobile to Danny Elfman’s score hark back to the Tim Burton era, while Joker looks most like Caesar Romero from the 60s TV series. The biggest surprise, however, came from the script. The plot itself is incredibly simple and designed solely to cue up a series of game-style challenges and confrontations, but the dialogue is surprisingly smart and witty, with a couple of genuine laugh-out-loud gags.

Hardly an indispensable addition, this is nevertheless an entertaining little discovery that will appeal to far more than just DC Comics completists or fans of brightly coloured Danish bricks.