As someone with tenuous associations to the Alamo Drafthouse, I am somewhat ashamed that it has taken me this long to watch the flagship release of their Drafthouse Films label. A low budget action oddity, the film attempts to showcase the martial arts talents of Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, whose band of aging college student rockers take on a vicious gang of drug dealing biker ninjas (yes, really) in their spare time for spurious reasons, while delighting audiences with anthems like “Friends” and “Against the Ninja”. Rescued from almost certain cinematic death by the Drafthouse archivists, the 1987 film has been given a new lease of life and is worth seeking out on Blu-ray if only to wade through the supplemental features and learn more about how a film can be saved, lives can be changed, and bad filmmaking can be reinterpreted as a celebration of cinema.