Melissa McCarthy continues her meteoric rise into the Hollywood comedy A-list, this time opposite perennial straight man Jason Bateman, as a habitual con artist who steals the identity of Sandy Patterson and goes on a spending spree. Due to some incredibly convoluted plot machinations, Sandy stands to lose his job, house and who knows what else if he doesn’t traverse the country, track down and apprehend “Diana” and escort her from Florida to Colorado. Cue a mismatched duo on a road trip laden with misadventures. While the film is often as risible and unfunny as its ridiculous premise might suggest, it is not without successful moments of broad, base humour. McCarthy and Bateman are skilled comedians, and late at night with a bellyful of red wine, it passes the time relatively painlessly, despite a parade of gags committed to stereotyping, degrading and generally ridiculing our fellow man. What I will commit to, is that having seen this and The Hangover Part III in the same week, Identity Thief is the film I would more readily revisit.