I almost let this one pass me by, put off by the daunting 160 minute runtime, but my efforts were handsomely rewarded as Okita Shuichi’s adaptation of Yoshida Shuichi’s popular novel is fantastic. Told as a series of reminiscences from those who knew him during their college years together, we learn of the eccentric, and bizarrely monikered lad, Yonosuke Yokomichi. He bumbles through life, assuming the best – utterly unprepared for the worst – and inevitably has a humbling and incredibly positive effect on everyone he meets. Kora Kengo is great in the lead role, while Yoshitaka Yoriko almost steals the show as the rich beauty who falls for his innocent unique manner. Touching, funny and unrelentingly joyous, A Story of Yonosuke is one of the highlights of the year.