john dies at the end
A rather baffling melange of horror, science-fiction and comedy that screams out to be embraced as a late night cult classic in the vein of Repo Man or director Don Coscarelli’s own Bubba Ho-Tep, but never quite finds its groove. It’s filled with ghoulish demons from other dimensions, wise-cracking slacker heroes and potent, power-giving soy sauce, but for most of the time, John Dies at the End feels like a deranged Buffy spin-off. No bad thing perhaps, but it feels like an integral part of its universe is missing. The film plays fine as a late night goofy ride, and perhaps deserves a second more attentive watch, but after a single, slightly bleary-eyed viewing, I am inspired to seek out the book, in the hope that somewhere between its pages there is some sense and explanation to this madness.