In preparation for an interview with Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn I decided to go back over his entire back catalogue, as it pained me to admit that I’d never seen any of Refn’s early out. First on that list is his ultra low budget 1996 debut, Pusher. The story of low-level drug dealer, Frank (Kim Bodnia), sees his less-than-comfortable world spiral out of control after a botched drug deal leaves hideously in debt. Pusher caused a splash on the international genre circuit and it’s easy to see why. Bold, abrasive, yet self-aware in a way the rest of the world hadn’t seen from Denmark, Refn’s film cast an unflinching eye over the lowlifes and petty crooks who live in the sewers and shadows of the city. The film is also notable as it introduced the world to Mads Mikkelsen, as Frank’s best mate Tonny, whom would become a mainstay throughout Refn’s career.

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