Gearing up to go and see the sequel to this amusing if somewhat forgettable animated action comedy, I suddenly discovered that my girlfriend hadn’t seen it. So we sat down the evening before, rented it off iTunes, and discovered it to be much funnier than I had remembered.

Steve Carell rather clumsily voices Gru, a suburbanised super villain who is eclipsed by a rival when it is discovered the Great Pyramid has been stolen. He sets in motion his counter plan to steal the moon, but for plot reasons way too complicated to enter into here, he must adopt three adorable young orphan girls first – and guess what, they slowly but surely see past his villainous exterior and he reveals himself to be a pretty decent parent.

The movie is stolen, however, by the Minions – an army of diminutive little yellow bods who slave away in Gru’s underground lair. Generally they just pratfsall around, laughing at each other’s mistakes, but there are plentiful great gags to be had, largely at their expense, not least a wonderfully-pitched notion that Gru knows each of them by name. There are thousands of them, and they all look pretty much identical. The result is a whole lot of fun.