Continuing my journey through the works of Nicolas Winding Refn, this unlikely entry in the director’s canon was a made-for-TV movie following Agatha Christie’s beloved amateur sleuth. Geraldine McEwan stars as Miss Marple, who embarks on a coach tour around historic middle England, accompanied by her nephew (Richard E. Grant) and an assortment of supposed strangers. As their adventure unfolds, however, it appears that all the other members of their party do in fact have tenuous connections to each other that all lead back to an unsolved murder that took place during WWII. While Refn was really a gun for hire here and there is little of his signature style to be seen (it was in fact all about to change), Refn did meet his long-term collaborator, editor Matthew Newman, on the production, while Amanda Burton’s nun provokes a quote from Miss Marple at the film’s close, that would eventually morph into the title of Refn’s 2013 film, Only God Forgives.

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