I’m not sure you ever need an excuse to revisit what is arguably the crowning achievement from Pixar’s impressive “first run”. Pitch perfect entertainment for children and adults alike, on this particular viewing (probably my 4th) it occured to me that this film represents the changing of the guard at Pixar, which has resulted in the sharp decline in quality that has followed with Cars 2, Brave and Monsters University. Brad Bird, Andrew Stanton, Pete Doctor and John Lasseter are essentially Andy here – passing on their legacy to the likes of Lee Unkrich (the director here) just as Andy finally relinquishes possession of his toys at the film’s end. Andy knows that Woody and Buzz will be safe, but must concede that they will never be quite the same again. Hell, little Bonnie might change their names, give some of them away, break or even lose them. We will always have what came before, but the overwhelming feeling of loss of innocence at the end of the film perfectly brings to a close the glory days of that first generation of storytellers at Pixar studios. Let’s just hope “Bonnie” comes of age sooner rather than later.