A somewhat pedestrian documentary about a group of misguided eco-warriors becomes a captivating exercise in car crash voyeurism as the members of the bizarre Fuck For Forest campaign head from Berlin to the depths of the Amazon basin to spread their singular vision and hopefully save the planet. Their biggest obstacle, however, proves to be themselves, and their jaw-droppingly insane ethos. Rejecting even the most base essentials of modern civilisation, this gang of promiscuous treehuggers make homemade pornography amongst themselves and sell it online, in order to raise money towards their ecological crusade. Somehow they have managed to raise a pretty hefty sum, and when their call for a cause is finally answered, they head off to save an indigenous community from an evil faceless corporation that is threatening their land. Suffice to say, things do not go according to plan, and in the wake of Eli Roth’s cannibal revival flick The Green Inferno, I was kinda rooting for them all to get eaten.