Beautiful Creatures
I had no interest in watching what appeared to be yet another post-Twilight supernatural romance actually turned out ot be one of the best examples of the genre. Aidan Ehrenreich plays Ethan, a frustrated Southern lad, who escapes his mundane small-town life by incessantly reading. When the mysterious Lena (Alice Englert) moves into town, Ethan is instantly smitten, but as Ethan soon discovers, Lena’s entire family is coven of witches – and Ethan’s own family has its fair share of secrets too.

The leads are likable, but its the heavyweight thesps in the supporting cast – namely Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson – who prove the real treat. Special mention must also go to Emmy Rossum, as Lena’s seductive cousin Ridley. The film was sadly overlooked at the time of release, but in this realm of YA fantasy, it proves a refreshing surprise.