A triptych of short cinematic experiments into the possibilities of 3D cinema from three acclaimed European directors proves that only Peter Greenaway has any idea how to use the medium. The film sadly opens with Greenaway’s contribution, meaning that things slowly unravel as the film continues. Greenaway chooses an almost interactive historical tour of the Portuguese city of Guimaraes (who commissioned the film), taking us through the cloisters of the beautiful cathedral and out into the streets,pausing to regale us with historical footnotes along the way, as dramatic reenactments and period text appear across and through the screen. Local filmmaker Edgar Pera, conversely, presents a risibly theatrical affair, staged within a cinema auditorium, and has characters poke objects directly at the camera while shouting about the importance of cinema. Godard’s finale, however, all but gives up any attempt to engage with the 3D technology at all, creating a collage of news reel footage and other assorted imagery as his monotonous narration mumbles on, only occasionally venturing into coherent thought.