The astonishingly surreal work of Japanese comedian-turned-filmmaker Matsumoto Hitoshi has long been championed here at TwitchFilm, and in some ways his fourth feature film – R100 – transcends anything he has yet produced. Positioned not as a comedy, but rather as the potentially upsetting tale of a reserved, unremarkable salary man struggling to raise his young son while his wife lies motionless in a coma, R100 has all the trappings of a classic Asian tearjerker. But rather than have his protagonist wallow in his predicament, or even find an understanding shoulder to cry own, R100 sees Katayama Takafumi (played by Omori Nao) enlist in the ultimate S&M club, with increasingly ridiculous consequences.

You can read my full review here: http://twitchfilm.com/2015/03/drafthouse-films-obscure-objects-of-desire-matsumoto-hitoshis-r100.html