The Udine Far East Film Festival is currently ongoing in its idyllic Italian setting. Unfortunately I am not there this year (in fact I have never been), but I have reviewed a number of the films playing at this year’s fest. You can find links to those reviews below, which are published either at ScreenDaily.com or TwitchFilm.com:

Dragon Blade (dir. Daniel Lee, China)

Breakup Buddies (dir. Ning Hao, China)

Women Who Flirt (dir. Pang Ho Cheung, China)

Kung Fu Jungle (dir. Teddy Chen, Hong Kong)

Helios (dir. Longman Leung/Sunny Luk, Hong Kong/China)

Meeting Dr Sun (dir. Yee Chih-yen, Taiwan)

Port of Call (dir. Philip Yung, Hong Kong)

The Taking of Tiger Mountain (dir. Tsui Hark, China/Hong Kong)

Parasyte – Completion (dir. Takashi Yamazaki, Japan)