With the end of 2017 in sight it is time to start thinking about our favourite movies of the year. Or more accurately, it’s time to frantically cram as many more in as we possibly can before 31 December. But which have been your favourites?

Every year, I like to poll as many people as I can for their Top 10 – and 1 worst – films of the year, to reach an overall consensus about what my friends like. Too often, I get so caught up looking at what other critics have picked, or what the various awards bodies are voting for, that it is easy to lose track of the films that everyone else has been watching and enjoying.

Did Dunkirk leave you weeping on the beaches? Or Wonder Woman have you whooping in the trenches? Has Star Wars: The Last Jedi given you a new hope, or were you more suited to Justice League? Did Get Out have you coming back for more? Or did Blade Runner 2049 have you questioning your own identity? Or was it something smaller, more arthouse, more foreign that stole your heart. I want to know.

What qualifies as a 2017 film? Simply, if it was a new film that opened theatrically in your country during 2017, it counts. If you saw it at a festival this year, it also counts. If it made its debut on a VOD platform within the past 12 months, then yes, you can also include it.

If you want to participate, simply leave your Top 10 films – and 1 worst – of 2017 in the comments below before Christmas Day, I’ll collate the results and publish your definitive Top 10 of 2017 by New Year. Can’t think of 10? Leave a Top 5. Just let me know your favourites…but also, if that’s true, you really need to watch more movies!