What better way to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of one of the best summer blockbusters of…umm…the last 20 years, than by re-releasing it on the big screen for a whole new generation of filmgoers to enjoy. So why oh why must it be sodomised and gangraped by a totally redundant 3D conversion? Does Universal honestly think that nobody would go see this “old movie” if it wasn’t in 3d? Or does it really believe that all those who watched it back in 1993 and have been re-watching it ever since feel that this is going to improve on it?

Watching Jurassic Park at the Cannon Cinema in Brighton on opening weekend back in 1993 is one of my most enduringly memorable movie-going experiences. I trembled with fear during that first T-Rex attack (much to the mockery of my friends sat on either side of me), and few experiences since then have had anything close to the same impact. While there are still problems (it ends far too hurriedly) and the tech advances in the past two decades may well induce mocking laughter at the park’s computer systems, but Spielberg delivers the perfect marriage of animatronic and CG effects that the rest of the industry spent at least a decade trying to emulate.

Truth be told, the effects work in Jurassic Park holds up incredibly well, even by today’s standards. Held up against Avatar, The Avengers or even Life of Pi, and the dinosaurs more than hold their own, while the staging, lighting and character development all work together beautifully to deliver the perfect popcorn entertainment. It was hugely enjoyable watching Jurassic Park on the big screen again, but it would have been even better had I not been forced to watch it through a pair of tinted, bulky glasses.