man who knew too much
I had seen Alfred Hitchcock’s 1956 American remake before, starring James Stewart and Doris Day, but this was my first time seeing his original British production. Leslie Banks and Edna West play the British couple abroad who are drawn into an international assassination plot when their friend is murdered and their daughter kidnapped. Peter Lorre is on great form as the villain – in his first English language role – while Hitchcock is already gaining momentum as a virtuoso behind the camera. From the opening scenes on the ski slopes to the final lengthy shootout in London, the film shows tons of innovation and has been restored incredibly well by the reliable folks at Criterion. It can be hard sometimes to appreciate the kinds of forward leaps Hitchcock was making here, when viewed almost 80 years later, but thankfully the Blu-ray comes with a bountiful array of enlightening documentaries and interviews that help illuminate just how new and exciting this all was back in 1934.