Quite possibly the weirdest film I’ve seen all year, which one would think would be reason enough to warrant some kind of recommendation. However, after a pretty gonzo horror-fuelled opening that sees the disembodied head of a female demon set up shop in a remote Malaysian village, the film takes a bizarre turn as the plot becomes increasingly fuelled by Islamic rhetoric that sadly derails all efforts to keep the horror aspect of the story on track. A young woman is accused of being a demon, two rich brothers are somehow dragged into the melee when they attempt to prevent her rom being executed wothout trial by frightened villagers, only for one of the brothers to slowly become bewitched by the beautiful yet deadly creature. The production values aren’t bad at all, but the result is simply too baffling, repetitive and overbearingly religious that it ceases to be entertaining in any way – or even a unique oddity – and instead devolves into a gruelling chore.