In an effort to cash in on the popularity of gross-out sex comedy Vulgaria, this wayward, sloppy and mostly uninspiring trio of saucy tales emerges, and for the most part fails to impress. The first segment in particular, in which two young male and sexually inexperienced students are forced – due to accommodation shortages – to move into a brothel should be ripe with horny testosterone-fuelled antics. However the segment falls completely flat, despite plenty of lovely ladies on hand to taunt and tease the two male heroes, who implausibly prove utterly inept at closing the deal – despite the girls being up for it. Things do improve in the second and third segments, but not by enough to save this already floundering effort. Dada Chen features – in what may prove to be her last acting role – and there’s an entertaining finale featuring much-maligned crooner Norman Cheung, but the brief glimmers of invention are almost entirely obscured by an abundance of poorly-conceived pap.