The Lords of Salem
Until I have managed to successfully avoid the films of Rob Zombie, not particularly through any deliberate intention on my part, but simply because I have had not overwhelming desre to see any of them, and the general concensus seems to be that I’m not missing out on much. While the buzz surrounding The Lords of Salem was equally divisive, something about the image of Sheri Moon Zombie in her striped top and heavy ghoulish make-up made me crave context. In the film she plays a radio DJ in Salem, MA, who is sent a record to the station that reveals mysterious demonic messages when played. Upon hearing these, Heidi (Zombie) begins to experience horrific flashbacks of the violent witchcraft that haunts the town’s past. While it’s an intriguing premise, and Rob Zombie assembles an impressive cast of actresses – including Judy Geeson, Meg Foster, Patricia Quinn and Dee Wallace – the film soon loses its way and as events get more ridiculous and audacious, conversely the film gets increasingly dull and less interesting.