Taiwanese teen romance about the college princess, worshipped by every boy on campus, who is rescued from a dried up lake by the most awkward geeky guy imaginable. However, this simple action invokes a college curse, wherein any boy and girl who meet when the lake has dried up are destined to fall in love.

Try as they might to avoid each other, Kiki and Lucky can’t help running into each other again and again, until eventually they join forces to put an end to the curse once and for all…with inevitable consequences.

Frequent co-stars Ivy Chen and Chen Bo Lin play the leads, with the gag being that Chen Bo Lin has been uglied up for the role, disguising his studly good looks with greasy hair, awful complexion and zero social skills to play the ironically monikered Lucky.

While everything plays out much as we expect, with both individuals learning the importance on judging people on their character rather than their looks, a bizarre Fincher-esque third act threatens to dispel this message and shoot for something far more interesting, only for things to right themselves in time for the cliched coda to be enforced.