True story of small-town injustice that saw an entire community turn on a group of teenage weirdos after three young boys are found horrifically murdered. With no real evidence beyond the testimony of one borderline autistic teen, the town’s three goths were accused of devil worship and human sacrifice.

Reese Witherspoon plays the increasingly hysterical mother of one of the boys, while Colin Firth, in a strange choice of role, plays the local lawyer who feels compelled to defend the young lads out of a compulsion to uphold the system and see they get a fare trial. Dane DeHaan also pops up in a small role, while Canadian auteur Atom Egoyan directs from a script penned by Sinister director Scott Derrickson.

A fascinating true crime tale presented in a serviceable fashion, but it almost seems that the most interesting elements of the story struggle to get enough screen time while the family heartache takes centre stage.